Erwin Schrödinger

* b. 1887, Vienna, Austria; d. 1961, Vienna, Austria.
1906-19, U. Vienna: 1910, Dr. phil. with E. von Schweidler; 1911-14, Asst. to F. Exner; 1914 and 1918-19, Priv.-Doz.; 1914-18, Milit. Serv.
1920-21, U. Jena, Asst. to M. Wien, then Techn. Hochsch. Stuttgart, a. o. Prof., then U. Breslau, o. Prof. 1921-27, U. Zurich, o. Prof.
1927-33, U. Berlin, o. Prof.
1933-36, U. Oxford, Fel.
1936-38, U. Graz., o. Prof.
1939-56, Inst. Advanced Studies, Dublin, Member.
Misc.: 1927, Calif. Inst. Techn. and other universities in the U.S.A.
1928, Royal Inst. of Great Britain, Lecturer.


The AHQP contains source material such as letters, manuscripts, notebooks, and personal commentaries on the history of quantum physics and related developments in theoretical physics. Headed by Thomas Kuhn, a group of scholars not only collected and secured documents, they also interviewed more than ninety pioneers in atomic and quantum physics and recorded these interviews. Please find below links to all Schrödinger documents microfilmed in the AHQP:

By documents:

By films:

  • M/f No. 37 Schrödinger Correspondence, post 1930
  • M/f No. 39 Schrödinger Papers, to ca. 1920
  • M/f No. 40 Schrödinger Papers 1924 to 1926
  • M/f No. 41 Schrödinger Papers 1926 to 1928
  • M/f No. 42 Schrödinger Scientific papers, post 1928
  • M/f No. 43 Schrödinger Scientific and personal papers, post 1927
  • M/f No. 44 Schrödinger Popular Writing
  • M/f No. 46 Schrödinger Papers at Dublin Institute

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